If your shoes are looking a bit dry on the surface, it's time to apply shoe cream. Prep your shoes by removing shoe laces and removing excess dirt from the leather with a horsehair brush. Apply a dime-sized portion of leather cleaner to a cloth or dauber, and then wipe the surface in a gentle circular motion, allowing the leather to absorb the cleaner. Thorough cleaning needs to be done very infrequently, it's more important to brush and wipe down the leather on occasion. After cleaning, moisturize and condition the leather with a beeswax solution.

Prepare a cleaning solution with warm water and mild soap. Apply the solution to the textile with a soft-bristle brush and scrub gently.

Your first line of defense against rain, snow and salt is a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth whenever exposure occurs, and keeping the leather healthy with conditioner as needed. However, we generally do not recommend you to wear our shoes in the rain or snow. The soles of our shoes are made out of leather, which is a naturally porous material and does absorb moisture.